Sep 5 13

Chapter Advisor Letter Fall 2013

by Tribune

Dear Epsilon Pi Alumni and Active Brothers,
I hope you have had a wonderful summer and are excited for a great fall. It is an exciting time for the undergrads as it is move in week and classes began on August 26. The Executive Committee and I attended Balfour Leadership Training Workshop at Purdue University and garnered lots of great ideas to work towards a Peterson Significant Chapter Award this year, which is our goal. We are embarking in our 55th year at UNC and are by far the longest fraternal organization on campus. That is something to be proud of, and as young men go through recruitment, they will notice the outstanding reasons in choosing to pledge and maybe one day become a Sigma Chi.
Part of the work we plan on doing this year is improving our communications among chapter members and alumni. The Annotator is working towards a shared calendar that will include all Epsilon Pi, national Sigma Chi, and UNC events and important dates as early as possible. We greatly hope that this calendar becomes a staple of “what is going on at the chapter” so you may plan to participate in whatever events you are able. We hope to grow Alumni Support-whether you graduated last year, or in 1958, we would greatly appreciate your support. Please feel free to forward this email to any and all alumni that are not on our email list. If you are not on the list, please email your email address to and he will add you. Finally, the current Executive Committee has agreed to assist me in implementing the Alumni Advisory Board and we will be calling the Alumni Liaisons during the EC retreat in early September. If you would like to be on this board, or have ideas for us to implement, please email me at
This is my 5th year as chapter advisor, and it is my goal to obtain a Peterson Significant Chapter Award. We have a wonderful group of undergraduate brothers, strong alumni support, and a great national fraternity to guide us. The world expects more of us, and we plan on showing the University, Community, and Alumni that we live by the Jordan Standard and are working towards our ideals.
Thank you for your support, and In Hoc Signo Vinces,

Sep 5 13

Spring Rush Schedule 2013!

by Tribune

Any questions, please contact Recruitment Chairman Eric Samson 303-506-0236

Monday, September 9 IFC House Tours (Meet @ University Center)

Tuesday, September 10 Bonfire and BBQ at Sigma Chi House 6-10pm

Wednesday, September 11 Steak/Cigar/Poker Night at Sigma Chi House 6-10pm

Thursday, September 12 Thursday Night Football and Food at Sigma Chi House 6-10pm

Friday, September 13 Alumni Night at Sky Nightclub, Downtown Greeley/9th St. at Sigma Chi House 7-10pm

Sep 9 12

Spring 2012 Pledge Class “Rage”

by Tribune

I am proud to say that we have initiated 3 very strong and quality men into our chapter. The spring pledge class consisted of mostly re-pledges due to low grades, and although 4 of the 7 pledges didn’t make grades, the 3 that did will be an amazing addition to our brotherhood. The house is now at 20 active members, and we are hoping to restore the house’s fullness with this Fall’s pledge class. Epsilon Pi has been cracking down on grades of both pledges and active members, raising the bar for higher academic success, in turn, the house’s numbers have taken a dip from the newly installed rules. But I am fully confident that our house will be back to full strength this year as we initiate more fine men into our house and more brothers have the opportunity to raise their grades. There has been much buzz about Sigma Chi among the incoming freshman, and I am excited to see the new young and talented men go through our house.

In Hoc,

-Aaron Pries

Feb 6 12

Spring 2012 Class

by Tribune

We will enter the spring semester with 8 pledges. Formal pinning will be this Thursday night at 9 p.m.  Updates on nights will be given throughout their pledgeship.

In Hoc.

Jan 25 12

Results from Fall 2011

by Tribune

We held ourselves and our pledges to higher standards this past semester, and it paid off as we initiated 11 great men into our chapter. Nine  pledges were not invited or able to participated in I-week because they did not make our grade requirements. It was sad to see a pledge class of 20 drop to 11 guys, but the quality of men in this “Chaos,” class has the rest of the active members excited about the future. Our chapter is heading in the right direction. We are looking forward to finding another strong  class of quality men this spring.

–David Wilson

Sep 8 11

Spring Rush Schedule 2011

by Tribune

Tuesday: University Center event 5-7 and house tours

Wednesday: Sigma CHIli 6-8

Thursday: Pizza and poker 6-8

Friday: Alumni night at UC. Spruce A&B 6-9

Aug 20 11

Chaptor Advisor Letter

by JShaw

Dear Brothers,

As we embark on another year at Epsilon Pi Chapter here at the University of Northern Colorado we continue to strive towards the ideals of friendship, justice, and learning. 

We are proud to say that the 2010-2011 did yield a Peterson Significant Chapter Award, and Michael Johnston did win the Rocky Mountain Province Award.  Additionally we moved forward in improving our alumni relations:  our second annual Alumni and Rush Day at the Rockies Game was successful, we had the first annual Alumni Poker Tournament in Denver-which raised money for ritual regalia, Sigma Chi Golf Tournament, and we had a strong presence at Brother’s Day.  Our chapter won the UNC Philanthropy award for 2010-2011 while Derby Days, the Sigma Chi/Roma/The Mirror Frisbee Golf Tournament, and other service related projects gathered recognition in the community and the University.  Derby Days was a tremendous success and raised $10,000.

The 2011-2012 should yield further successes.  The chapter plans to increase our subpar grades with mandatory study table hours for actives and pledges, and make more of an effort to reach out to alumni for support.  Currently rush is underway on campus, and the fall semester is beginning.  Those that choose to pledge Sigma Chi and are deemed worthy of receiving a bid for pledgeship will be supported as much as possible by the chapter and the University.  The pledge program is being adjusted a bit to assign big brothers during the third week of pledgeship instead of the fifth, and that will change in the spring as they will receive big brothers in the first week of pledging.

We look forward to your support.  Please do stay connected via the webpage, and forward that link to any brothers possible.  We are building our data base of alumni which seems to have been lost since our 50th anniversary.  Please email me at with your name, email, address, phone number, and year of initiation to be included.

Some important dates to remember will be added soon.

Thank you for your support,

Jon Shaw